Chronic Fatigue and Travel

So… I suspect that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I haven’t had it officially diagnosed yet, since I don’t make enough money to get medical insurance (thank you, Mr. President, we’re ever so grateful to not qualify for ObamaCare this year!), but all the symptoms fit.

And lately I’ve been mulling over our plans to travel full-time once TC graduates from high school, and wondering how we’re going to manage it if I’m the only driver.

I think I have it boiled down to a simple formula. I can drive great distances if need be, as shown in my last trip to California, when I did more than 650 miles per day, or my Christmas trip home to Texas from New Hampshire, when I did over 2600 miles in a little over 4 days, but there is a cost. Once I’ve arrived at my destination, I need to plan to rest for pretty much as long as I drove! When I got home to Texas after Christmas, I did nothing but sleep for the entire next week! I wasn’t tired when driving, and I don’t get sleepy most of the time–I was awake, alert, and careful the whole way! But when it came time to relax at my destination, I was utterly useless. Boneless, just about. The thought of getting into the car and driving 1.5 miles to the supermarket was enough to make me from

So if you subscribe to the “spoon theory” of chronic illness, I can use up all my spoons and borrow against tomorrow’s spoons as well…but sooner or later those spoons have to be paid back.

I can do fantastic things in terms of driving long distances…but I have to make sure to take care of myself and rest in equal amounts. If I drive for 2 days straight, then when I arrive, I need to rest for at least 2 days straight (and sometimes more). When I drove home from New Hampshire in 5 days, I had to rest for 7 or 8.

I’m not going to let a collection of symptoms keep me from traveling!


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