“I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto the Hills”



Ten acres of desert property for $25,000
AA view to north

View to the north, from the property

AA desert flowers in bloom

Yellow and purple desert wildflowers–they come in all colors, and bloom several times a year!

You’ll love this huge, private lot covered with colorful desert wildflowers, aromatic sage, and dramatic sotol yuccas.

AA sotol yucca

The sotol yuccas grow really tall, and then put up spikes full of blossoms and seed pods every year.


AA creosote bush yellow, spring flowers in bloom mountains background(HDR)

The chaparral bushes covered with tiny, yellow blossoms is striking enough, but even more so when you catch it surrounded by the aromatic sage in bloom.

You’ll get panoramic views of the beautiful Cornudas mountains, wide-open, deep blue skies and gorgeous, blazing sunsets.

AA burning sunset

A very typical desert sunset, framed by the power lines that come right to the edge of the property

AA sunset view of mountains

Antelopes and jackrabbits will be your closest neighbors on this secluded, yet accessible, 10-acre desert lot.


AA snow on access road

Dry summers and mild winters! This was all the snow we got, our first winter here, and it melted within a couple of days. No more shoveling!


aa truck and camper in snow

If you want to live off-grid, there’s a wind turbine included (it isn’t currently standing because it needs re-wiring, but the setup is already all in place), and solar power is really easy with more than 300 sunny days a year. Some 12-v solar panels may be available for an additional fee.

AA dee and tav setting up windmill with camper shed in background

TC and a neighbor helping to put up the wind turbine. Note metal storage shed in background.

AA solar panels on ground

For on-grid buyers, there’s electricity to the edge of the property. Water rights come with the property for only $35 a year, and DSL internet, wired telephone, and satellite TV are all readily available.

If you’re a full-time RV’er or van dweller looking for somewhere to spend the winter, look no further. The lot has a 33-foot 5th wheel RV already in place, skirted and hooked up to septic. It also has a second RV septic site, a termite-proof metal storage shed, a 275-gallon water tank, and the wind turbine.

AA wind turbine

Wind turbine set-up

Have a friend or family member come to stay with you for the winter in their own separate RV with their own separate septic system.

And if you’re not an RV’er, you can live in the 5th wheel while you build your home! The RV needs a few minor repairs, but it can sleep 6 and is quite comfortable.

AA camper kitchen For families, the local school bus comes right to the highway entrance, and the nearby small, agricultural community of Dell City is very friendly to newcomers. El Paso is the nearest major city for jobs and shopping, and it’s an easy commute—less than an hour, and all highway. Property taxes currently less than $200 per year! No, I didn’t forget a zero.

AA camper from front right quarter with skirting

The lot is located less than a mile from a major highway, and an easy drive to the nearest city for groceries…but you won’t hear traffic noise, neighbor’s loud music or barking dogs—in fact, you won’t hear anything except the sound of the wind and the cicadas. Distant coyotes sing you to sleep at night. Curious antelope and cottontails will come to visit you. Let your kids yell and run as much as they want; plant a garden; sit on your patio swing and watch the sunset before lighting up a fire in the fire ring and roasting hot dogs.

AA campfire

Experience peace and tranquility in this remote, yet convenient, location.

Payment in full, up-front, no payments, no rentals.

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