Starting Fresh

We moved to Texas almost 3 years ago in a 1991 5th wheel. We lived in it full-time for almost 2 years before we bought the place in El Paso so Matt could have electricity and be near his doctors, so he could try to use and salvage his residual sight.

While we were living in town, another couple was getting evicted from their apartment and had nowhere to go, so we offered them our 5th wheel to live in until they could get on their feet. Well, they never did get on their feet (literally; I guess the man is permanently disabled now after his hip surgery), but they did get some land and a camper of their own. When it started looking like we couldn’t stay here in our mobile home anymore (living in town is quite expensive, plus the mobile home is in disrepair and fairly unsafe for a blind guy), we asked them to move into their own place because we might have to end up living in the 5th wheel again.

Disclaimer: At this point, we still don’t know what our plans might be–everything is still up in the air. We may move back out to our camper in the desert, or we might be able to fix our place up and stay here, or we might be able to find some sort of disability-friendly apartment. We just don’t know. It all depends on which doors open for us and which ones slam shut.

We do know that we have to do some cleaning and repairs of our 5th wheel. The couple in question had a cat and 3 large dogs, and when you add that to the normal wear and tear of living in a place that was only meant for a vacation home, some renovation and repair is definitely required. I’m not terribly pleased that they didn’t do the repairs themselves before they moved out, but hey — sometimes it’s good to start with a fresh slate, and do things the way you want them done. I think we’re going to fix it up ourselves to make it “ours” again in the way that cleaning up a new place before you move in puts your psychological claim on it. Then we’ll either move back into it, or sell it and get a more portable RV so we can either stay on our land in it, or travel in it. I’m getting wanderlust again!

So sometime this week, I’ll be going out there to our place in the desert, taking lots of pics, and then documenting the befores and afters of fixing the place back up. Join me as we wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start. Stay tuned!

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