The More Things Change…

…The more they stay the same.

Just as we get settled, things happen to unsettle and uproot us again. In this case, it’s finances (again!) that are forcing us to make some more changes.

So, we’ve decided to sell the 5th wheel, because we can’t afford the cleaning and repairs it needs. The repairs are really pretty minor, but our budget is stretched so tight that they’re just not possible for us at this point. But here’s a new wrinkle… we’re going to be selling the land it’s sitting on, as well. It’s looking as if we’re going to be staying in El Paso for the foreseeable future, and we’re having trouble making ends meet on just Matt’s SSDI check.

My next post will be a real estate ad for our property, so skip it if that doesn’t interest you. If it does, then hallelujah and come on down!

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